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About Our Tree Care Services

Here at Anointed Lawn Care, we strive to provide the best shrub and tree services in our area. Over the last decade, we’ve taken our passion for plant health and built it into a business that’s equally dedicated to customer satisfaction as it is to healthy lawns. We want to make your lawn stand out from the crowd, and we do that through an aggressive regimen of weed, pest, and disease control. We target everything that can choke the life out of your shrubs and trees so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Our quarterly shrub and tree care process consists of a few key steps regardless of when we start your lawn care service. When we come out to your property, we will always do at least three things:

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The first step in our care plan is the inspection. Inspecting your entire property allows us to get a good idea of the species of trees and shrubs you have, as well as any problems ailing them or conditions nearby that are conducive to developing these problems.


Second, we’ll formulate a treatment plan to deal with your specific issues and execute this plan in a timely manner. Depending on the season and the types of plants you have, we may include fungicides, insecticides, or fertilizer.


Third, after we do our initial treatment, we’ll follow up on a quarterly basis to ensure our disease and pest prevention measures are working. We also fertilize your plants if it’s the time of year to do so.

Tree & Shrub Plans Based on the Time of the Year

We feature a program specifically designed for trees and shrubs to help them grow more robustly and fight off diseases and pests. We also create season-specific plans that depend on the time of year we’re servicing your home. For spring and fall, we fertilize your trees and shrubs. In the spring, this helps encourage growth and color. In the fall, it helps prepare them to get through the cold and dark months so they come back healthy and ready for action after winter.

In the middle of summer, we focus on insects and fungi. Summer is when your trees and shrubs are most vulnerable to diseases and pests. Our treatments focus on the most common issues experienced by ornamental trees and shrubs in Texas, including:

Lace Wings



Powdery Mildew

Ensuring your shrubs and trees are protected from these pests and fungal diseases is vital to keeping them happy, healthy, and looking their best.

Water Saver Moisture Treatment

We also offer several lawn care services to help make your trees and shrubs even healthier and happier. One of the best things you can do for your trees and shrubs in North Texas is to utilize our battery of water-saving methods and technologies to give your lawn plants a drink while saving on your monthly watering expenses. Our Water Saver packages can be especially helpful during water restrictions that prevent you from giving your lawn enough moisture to get them through the dry season.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Take a look at what some of our clients have to say.

They did an amazing job on my yard! My yard was weed city and they cleared it right up. I had the best yard in the neighborhood! Thank you!
— Jeremey W.

Have used anointed since we built our house in 2016. We have had no issues with weeds or grubs since our service began. They are prompt and deliver what you need for your lawn care.
— Fernando M.

Very nice and helpful. I recommend these guys to everyone. From my first phone call they were efficient and professional. A bonus is that the company is faith based as well.
— Julie P.

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