Prayer Requests

Prayer is a wonderful privilege.

God has opened the door to His throne room and invited His children to enter His presence with their petitions. He has promised to hear us when we call. And, he has promised to answer our prayers when we pray according to His will. We all know that there are many privileges and promises associated with prayer. I want to remind you that prayer is a very powerful endeavor.

We have all experienced the power of private prayer. We have experienced those times when we called on the Lord in the secret place of prayer and He heard us, and He answered us in power for His glory. There is something special about entering God’s presence, by yourself, to talk to Him in secret. It’s something we should all do, and should do often. Yet there is tremendous power in corporate prayer. There is a special dynamic that comes into play when God’s children come together, united in faith and purpose, to seek the face of the Lord in prayer.

It is our obligation to Him and an honor for us when you invite us to pray for anything weighing heavy on your mind. Simply send us a note using the form so we will know how to shape our prayers

Prayer Request

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