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dead brown spots in your lawn might mean you have a grub infestation

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Lawn Grub Treatment

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Grubs are the larval stage of several beetles. During their life cycle, they exist approximately two inches below the lawn’s surface, continuously feeding on the root system. Proactively treat your lawn for grubs with our preventative grub control treatment. Grub damage is most likely to occur in the late summer and early fall months. However, grubs can also be present and cause damage in the late spring. Grub activity will encourage damage due to scavenging animals including moles, skunks and birds, all of which will search for grubs to feed on. Damage may not be apparent until it is too late, requiring costly repair.

Grub Control Lawn Treatments You Can Rely On

We can provide the best treatment to help prevent damage before it occurs. A properly cared for landscape adds both beauty and value to your home while it provides natural support for the environment. We pride ourselves in helping you create and maintain the quality landscape you deserve to have surrounding your home. Grubs can be a nuisance and damage your Texas lawn. With our preventative and proactive treatments, you can rest assured that your yard will be free from pesky grubs and grub damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Texas Grub Treatments

How can I get rid of my lawn's grub infestation?

Grub infestation in your lawn means you need to call on the professionals of a grub removal service like Anointed Lawn Care! We will help come up with the appropriate treatment plan to get rid of grubs and help repair your lawn’s grub damage.

What does grub damage look like?

Grub damage often appears to be a dead or very thin area of the lawn. The grubs are larva of several different beetles( most commonly recognized is the June bug) and their primary food source is the root system of your lawn. Pieces of the lawn will come straight out of the ground (like new sod) without any roots.

When do you usually treat a lawn for grubs in Texas?

We typically treat lawns in Texas for grubs in early summer but the weather really dictates the exact times.

What types of products or chemicals do you use to treat for lawn grubs?

We apply a very targeted grub insecticide (usually imidacloprid). We can do either a liquid or granular treatment for lawn grubs.

How long does it take for my grass to look better once the grubs are killed?

This greatly depends on the extent of the grub damage to your grass. When the damage is severe, you may need to consider re-sodding the yard.

How often should I treat my lawn for grubs?

If properly applied, you only need to treat your Texas lawn once per year. (This is one of our 8 steps in our basic lawn care program)

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