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Lawn Fungus and Mushrooms Making Your Lawn Look Sad?

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Lawn Fungus Treatment

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You put hours into your lawn, doing everything you were told to do to make the grass green and lush. You’ve aerated, fed, watered, and mowed, and everything looked great – until suddenly, it didn’t. Almost overnight, there are patches of dead grass. Or maybe some spots are an unusual color, or just look “off” somehow.

Your yard is a living ecosystem, and it’s vulnerable to diseases—just like animals and humans.

Fungi and lawn diseases can be really tough to identify, as they often present in different ways at different stages of their growth. There are a number of signs to watch out for that indicate a problem with your lawn, and some of them are more obvious than others. In most cases, discoloration is the most obvious sign, as grass will turn yellow, tan, or brown in spots.

Assuming that everything else is normal, discoloration is just one sign that your lawn is sick. Brown patches not attributable to pets, slimy patches of grass, a film covering the grass, and spots on individual blades of grass are all signs of an issue requiring lawn fungus treatment services by a professional. 

How To Spot Fungus and Mushroom Problems in Your Lawn


Dollar spot.
Usually shows up in your yard as silver-dollar-sized patches of beige or brown grass throughout the lawn.

Brown patch lawn disease.
Circular patches of brown, dead-looking grass are surrounded by a ring of light greyish-colored grass. The area might appear sunken down. Brown patch disease appears in hot and humid damp weather.

Leaf spot.
Infections in your lawn that present as spots on individual blades of grass. The grass looks greige, tan or brown, but the individual spots on the grass generally look maroon or purple.

Appears as a white film or coating over the grass, usually in shady spots in your yard.

Different forms of blight disease affect different types of grass. Depending on the type of blight, it may just kill the grass, or it could present as slimy brown or white patches throughout the lawn.

How to Prevent Lawn Fungus

Is overwatering my lawn causing lawn fungus?

Watering your lawn too much, or too often can cause fungus to form in your yard.  Overwatering can also cause mold and mildew problems!

Your grass only needs about an inch of water per week. It is best to water in the morning so that the grass has time to dry out in the sun. Fungus thrives on grass that stays too damp, too frequently.

Does mowing affect fungus issues?

Mowing regularly is good for your lawn,but adjust your blades so that the grass is not cut too short. Sharp blades prevent damage also.

Grass that is too short is prone to diseases and problems.

How else can I prevent mildew and fungus in my lawn?

If you have sitting piles of leaves, branches, construction materials, or clumps of cut grass in your lawn it can create a dark damp space where fungus thrives. 

Is lawn fungus caused by poor drainage?

If you have sunken or low-lying areas in your yard they can hold water and not drain. Pooling water keeps grass moist and damp. We know fungus likes damp areas!

Should I hire a professional for lawn fungus treatment?

When you hire a professional lawn care expert at Anointed Lawn Care, you can rest assured that you are treating the right problem with the right methods and products.

You won’t have to guess how to treat your lawn fungus problems, and our team will help prevent further damage to your lawn and grass. We are also happy to help identify the root cause of your lawn fungus problems so that you can be proactive and prevent the fungus problems in your yard before they happen.

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