Lawn Core Aeration Service

Lawn Aeration Services That Improve The Health And Appearance Of Your Grass!

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Lawn Core Aeration Service

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Maximize the effectiveness of your lawn fertilizer and watering!


Effective Lawn Aeration Services for lush, thick, green grass!

Lawn aeration services from Anointed Lawn Care – The Weed Killers will help maximize the effectiveness of your annual Lawn Care Treatment Plan

If you’re in Texas, then you know there are tons of factors working against your lawn. Heat, dry weather, lack of moisture, foot traffic, disease, pests, and weeds can all take their toll on the health of your lawn. Over time, they inhibit the free flow of nutrients necessary for growth.

But did you know that aeration is a simple process with several beneficial effects for your lawn? An experienced professional will mechanically remove small plugs of soil from your lawn. After we are finished, a healthy, porous composition is restored to your soil, enabling it to ‘breathe’.

The interaction of fertilizer, weed-control, water, and oxygen with the soil are improved as a result of aeration. This leads to greener and thicker grass that is healthier from the roots up. With our aeration service, you can rest assured that your regular year-round maintenance plan is working with maximum effectiveness!

Why Aerate My Lawn?

Aerating a lawn provides big benefits. The biggest is that it allows sufficient oxygen to reach the grass’ roots. Soil compaction can reduce the pore space around grass and limits the amount of oxygen allowed in the region. Without oxygen, roots can’t grow and absorb water and nutrients like they’re supposed to.

Other benefits include:

  • Fertilizers and nutrients get access to the roots.
  • Prevents run-off.
  • Water can better soak the soil and reach the roots.
  • Thatch can more easily be broken up.
  • Compacted soil is loosened which allows the root system to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Aeration Services

Should I water my lawn after getting core aeration?
Yes! Water your lawn right after core aeration service. Your lawn might need less water, but watered more often. Pay attention to keep the soil moist, but not too wet!
How frequently should I get core aeration done?

Aeration should be done once a year for healthy lawns and twice a year for lawns with compacted soil and thatch buildup. The best time of year is just before the high-growth season, which, for cool-season grass, is the beginning Spring and Fall and, for warm-season grass, is late Spring

Where do fire ants build their nests?

Fire ants build their nests nearly anywhere and everywhere in your yard. They will live all over the lawn, in the house, and near electrical.

How often should I treat my lawn for fire ants?

Our products work well and work fast. This means that you only need to treat for fire ants in your yard once per year.

What chemicals or products do you use to treat for fire ants?

We offer Top Choice products that will kill fire ants for 1 year per application.

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