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Fire ants are destructive insects that can infest lawns, ornamental beds, and homes.

These insects build large, highly visible mounds that can ruin the appearance and value of your landscape. Fire Ants also cause damage to your lawn and landscape as they create underground tunnels, feeding on seeds and young plants. Fire ants are also known for inflicting painful, and sometimes dangerous, stings on humans and pets. You need fire ant yard treatment!

The threat of being stung by a Fire Ant may limit your outdoor activities, reducing your quality of life and valuable time spent with family and friends. With just one treatment, we can reduce the infestation of Fire Ants for up to one full year. Don’t let Fire Ants ruin your outdoor activities this season.

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Fire Ant Yard Treatment

Texas Fire Ant Treatments for Lawns & Yards

We know that fire ants are the bane of existence for home lawns in the South. You’re never really free of them, and it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. But don’t throw in the towel just yet!

There are steps you can take to keep your lawn and landscape relatively free of these troublesome pests. At Anointed Lawn Care, we aim to keep those steps as simple as possible, so you can enjoy your outside space without having to think too hard about how to manage it.

We’ll help you come up with a plan that works, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Ant Treatments

What do Texas Fire Ants look like?

Small and red. They do make considerable size mounds all over but their sting hurts very bad. They can band together and make large floating rafts too.

Do fire ants bite or sting?

Fire ants bite and sting, but the sting is much more troublesome and painful than their bite.

Where do fire ants build their nests?

Fire ants build their nests nearly anywhere and everywhere in your yard. They will live all over the lawn, in the house, and near electrical.

How often should I treat my lawn for fire ants?

Our products work well and work fast. This means that you only need to treat for fire ants in your yard once per year.

What chemicals or products do you use to treat for fire ants?

We offer Top Choice products that will kill fire ants for 1 year per application.

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